Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

As of today, teachers and other MMSD staff, will now have access to two vital Google services; Picassa (Google Photos) and Blogger. To celebrate this exciting event I have created an LMC blog, The Library Shark.

You will be able to access this anytime by clicking blog on the LMC Google Site. So I encourage others to follow suite. This is a great way to share information with parents. It is important to remember that by default a blog is public and it is under the MMSD domain.

Picassa soon to be Google Photos is the great news of this story. Lets say you just went on a field trip and want to share some photos, but there are concerns of privacy. Now all you do is go to more services from your Gmail and find Picassa. You can easily upload those photos and control access in a variety of ways. The default is "must have a link" which is like a key to the photos. Someone will only be able to access the photos if they have a link. You are free to further limit access by limiting it to MMSD, or individual email addresses.