Sunday, October 23, 2011

Put Some Jorte in Your Calender

Every now and then I have an I phone user wondering how to set up calendar. I have never had much luck getting Google Calendar working on the I phone, although the MMSD site has directions for doing so.

On my Android it is an entirely different world. Not only do I get my personal calendar, but also my work calendar, Schenk Calendar, LMC Calendar, Media Services Calendar etc... You get the idea.

On Google Calendar app it is a little compressed. You can see red for Schenk or blue for LMC which you can touch for a page with more details. What would be nice  is an app that would sync my Google Calender but offer more information. What would be even better is if it could be a widget on my Android.

That appears to be exactly what Jorte attempts to do.

Not only that, it also displays the color you have chosen from Google Calendar. When I first tried it I was not sure I'd like it, but the more I used it the more it grew on me.