Sunday, November 20, 2011


As a general rule I am leery of third party applications for students. What is public or private changes with every TOS, so you can never feel confident what you or students share is private. Think of some of the conversations you over hear daily in any elementary school, and then all those conversations, with the click of a mouse, become part of the public record.

For a few days now I have been using Evernote and I have been impressed. It can be used on the web, PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone, and Android. You can create a note which can be written text, an audio clip, web clip, a phone scan, photo, or digital picture mocked up with drawing tools.

Schools have started to use this for research assignments because it organizes content that could be disconnected otherwise. For example you may have a photo copy from an Encyclopedia that you phone scanned, as well as a web clip, some written text, and audio of your thoughts. Evernote allows all this content to be connected together.

So here is what I am curious about. Do other LMS in MMSD use Evernote. If so, how?