Thursday, April 5, 2012

How 2 Make A DVD

As many of you know we have a multimedia computer at Schenk to help you make DVD's. This is not something you do often, but there may come a time.

For example, you may be taking a class where you are required to create a DVD. Why is this age one would want to go old skool instead of a straight up video file, I can't tell you, but it does happen.

We also have a Flip Camera that takes videos in mp4 which are viewable across operating systems and on the web. One issue you may have with mp4 is in when trying trying to create a DVD. This is what this how to aims help with.

I refer to a few programs,

CamStudio - This is the opensource screencating program I used to create the video. It records and captures whatever you do on the computer while its running.

FFMPEG - This will convert your mp4 file to mpg so it can used by the DVD authoring program.

CyberLink Power Producer - Our DVD authoring software.