Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Accessing Schenk Calendar

Some talk of missing the bulletin and its list of upcoming events. On the LMC Google Site I have a link to the Schenk Calendar. You will first need to be logged into your school gmail and then here is the direct link.


Here we go in 3 easy steps.

1. I have it set to month. I like that for global overview. You can also select Week and Agenda. Agenda would have the feel that you had with the bulletin.

2. Want a P-Copy. Select your view Month, Week, or Agenda and click the print icon. Customize to your liking and then a pdf will be created.

3. Ahhh, you have it in Google Calendar but I have several others too. I just want to print Schenk. Scroll over Schenk Calendar, click small arrow and select Display only this calendar.  Select view and choose more to print.

For our auditory and visual learners.