Monday, May 14, 2012

ECB and Beyond

ECB is the Educational Communications Board which has educational content available for Wisconsin schools. Some of the content is available on YouTube, some through VideoLink, and even more through ECB Learning Media. ECB Learning Media requires a log on.

The YouTube content comes mostly from the ECB Learrning Media so that is a good place to start. If you have a personal Gmail or YouTube account this is a definite resource I would subscribe too. Along with educational videos for students, this is a gold mine of professional development videos including a playlist directed towards RtI

ECB Videolink  takes a little more digging, but there is worthwhile content there. Most of the content are full shows of PBS series. I did some digging and have shared the best links on Evernote.  I will add a few more resources and more information about the content. Content in particular that stood out for me was Wisconsin. There are several series about Wisconsin on VideoLink.

ECB Learning Media is worth a look.  To do so requires you to sign up. To avoid that requirement I signed up using with schenk027 as the password. If you need to further customize the site to your liking, feel free to create your own.  There are some full episodes, but many  video clips divided into curricular areas, grade level, and content type. If you like the content on their YouTube site, you'll find more of the same. In the fall ECB plans to allow school districts to further customize the site, until then give it a whirl.

The last resource that I will mention is my YouTube Channel I have organized the channel to serve as a resource to videos you might use in your instruction. For example, currently there are playlists on animals, science, math, literacy, as well as my PD videos. Currently the playlists consist of subscriptions to other channels such as Animal Planet or National Geographic.  In the future these playlists could be further narrowed down depending on curricular themes or focus.