Wednesday, August 29, 2012

IPad Apps

 For those inquiring about IPad Apps here you go.
Installed Apps
Five paid Apps have been installed on each staff member’s iPad: 
1. Pages – Word Processing
2. Numbers – Spreadsheet
3. Keynote – Presentation
4. iMovie – Video and Photo Creation and Editing
5. iPhoto – Photo management
6. GarageBand - Music Creation and Editing 
I would not suggest using any of these programs at this time since the iPads will be checked in and out. There are a few other apps on the Ipads such as Google Drive. I plan to test to see if you did create some content if it could be uploaded to Google Drive.

I was playing around with the Follett Reader app today and it looks like the Ebooks I mentioned in an earlier post should work fine. My plan is to create several accounts such as S1, S2... for the app so a student would just need to put in S1 and 11111 to access the Ebook.  If the accessing the books on the iPads, or netbooks for that matter, works relatively well I will order more Follett Ebooks in the future.

I am looking through the subscriptions we have to see which ones will work with the IPad. Even if some of them do not have an app, they could work well in the browser. One issue that we will struggle with is lack of flash support. We recently put in an order for Tumble Books and they are in the process of converting their books to support Ipad.

If you have an app suggestion please go to the Tech In guide on IPads and submit an app. What I am looking for is name, app link, and a brief review. We will then need to make some decisions on which ones to purchase and a way to fund their purchase.