Wednesday, August 29, 2012

IPad Checkout

We have about 15 IPads available for teacher checkout. There will eventually be 27 IPads in the cart which is about one for every classroom teacher to checkout. We don't anticipate all teachers wanting to check out an IPad at the same time, so if some are returned mid week they can be replaced with a fully charged one.

On a typical week a teacher might check an IPad out on Monday morning, return it mid week for a fully charged one, but all IPads need to be returned by Friday for charging and updates. We ask that teachers not install apps because this involves switching accounts, and we'd like to keep all Ipads uniform for teacher checkout. We don't want one IPad with this app but not others.

While the IPad is an app-centric device, please don't under estimate the web browser. The iPads come with both Safari and Chrome and non flash websites will work fine in the browser. I plan to keep an eye out for IPad friendly sites and will pass them your way.

As a last word of caution many apps or sites will have you log in with your account information. Chrome for example could sync your account information, Evernote has you log on, and so on. It is your responsibility to make sure you are logged out of these apps before you return them to the LMC. This is one big reason we did not want to add further confusion with syncing account or email.

The IPads automatically log on to MMSD Special at school. There may be times you will need to shut down the IPad completely and restart it. If you ever get a request for a password you should do this too. You will most likely run into this problem if you try to log on to the network after bringing your IPad home. If you do not have a wifi network do not bring bring it home. If you do not know what a wifi network is do not bring it home. If you do bring it home there will be no tech support what so ever.