Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LibGuides Are Here

First, they are technically CampusGuides, but LibGuides is the more common name you may have heard them referred to.  Madison Metropolitan School District purchased a district wide subscription for CampusGuide with the intent of each Library Media Specialist creating a guide for their school.

Schenk's CampusGuide has two main focuses; first to be a landing page for Schenk LMC related resources for teachers, and second for the ongoing creation of curriculum related subject guides. I explain both of these in more detail Schenk's CampusGuide.

As an example I created a subject guide on Common Core / RtI.  This seemed like a good place to begin since they both play an important role in Schenk's professional development.  While it serves as an example of a subject guide, the content itself should be very useful.

Here is a video walk though of Schenk's new CampusGuide.