Friday, September 14, 2012

Classroom IPad Cart

I spent some time getting the IPads updated and de-cluttered this morning.  Apps that are not cloud based (data kept on the internet like Google Docs) were removed. Apps that keep the data on the IPad itself can risk confidential information being shared with those who its not intended for.

There are various apps on the IPad. I tired to keep all Apple apps on one page. On the bottom row you will find four apps; Chrome, Google Drive, Rover, and Brain Pop Jr.

Chrome - Google's web browser. Eventually  a student or teacher could connect to their Google account and access bookmarks and other information. The ability to sign into Chrome is not available yet, but maybe in the near future.

Google Drive - Log onto Google Drive and have access to all you files. You can also create and edit documents which looks pretty good. As we migrate more and more to Google Docs this app will become more useful. You can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. You could create a form and then input the data using your IPad.

Rover - If you have not heard the IPad does not support flash. Rover is a kids browser that you can use when you need flash access. Why would you need flash? Most educational websites like Pebble Go, Book Flix. True Flix, Brain Pop all use flash. Rover will give us access to all our databases on the IPad.

Brain Pop Jr - Yes, you heard me right, there is an app for that. You can now access Brain Pop Jr through this app. The log in will be schenklab and brainpop. You will only have access during school hours.

If the issue comes up the wifi is special not guest. You may need to shut the IPad down and start it up again to get on the special wifi. This will only happen if it was taken off site, which is not encouraged but understood with teachers busy schedule.

The set up of the classroom cart should be stable for the time being. The teacher IPads can have a little more experimentation with apps. If you know of free apps please pass the information on. There is not really an IPad budget so to speak, I am pretty cautious about putting too much money into apps that won't be of much use when the IPads start dying.  With that said there are certainly a few apps that would be worth investing in.

Remember the shortcut to Links 4 Kids is