Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Educreations and Show Me

These are two apps that carry out the same basic function. Pretty much a streaming drawing tool that records your voice. The purpose is to create whiteboard like lessons for the IPad. Of the two Educreations seems like the better product. ShowMe requires to log on with your personal Twitter or Facebook account. On the other hand you will need to sign up for an account with Educreations if you want to publish your work.

But in the spirit of making it as easy as possible I created a shared Schenk account. To log in to Educreations the user name is and the password is scharks. Any creations we make as a school will be located there. You will be able to access them on the IPad or your desktop computer.

Both products have a community behind them so you have access to the work and ideas of other teachers. Even if you are not comfortable creating a video tutorial right away, this is a good resource for   lessons. Here is one on fractions.

Again, if you try it out, comment on the blog. Let us know how it worked. Could you see yourself creating a mini-lesson in this format?