Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Follett Reader

You may notice the Follett Reader app on the IPads and  wonder if this app allows you to read our ebooks.

The answer is yes. All of those ebooks I was talking about can now be read on the IPad.  And what's more I just put in an order for ebooks directed at K-3.

I created some simple accounts S1, S2, S3....S10 with 11111 for the password. This will allow younger students without Gmail to access the books too.

You may need to put in a url especially if the app has not been used before. The bold is what you will put in the form.


You will then use S1 for username and 11111 for password to log on. If you have multiple users / IPads you will need to use S2, S3 and so on. If you do not the book S1 is reading will not be available to read.

If this sounds like blah, blah, blah, stop by and I will walk you through it.  As I mentioned earlier I recently purchased ebooks more directed a K-3. 

All of our ebooks are multiple user and available on IPad, netbooks, and desktop computers.