Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scharks not Sharks

First, I knew the demand of netbooks would far exceed the supply. Now if we ran schools like a business I could just raise the netbook fee until an equilibrium was reached. While some of us may be personally disappointed, on a positive side there was an equal distribution of resources across the hallways. Enough channeling Adam Smith for one day.

The netbooks that you checked out are internet only devices that are designed to revert to back to the default setting upon reboot. This means no virsues, but also inability to save files or bookmarks on the devices themselves. 

For older students 4/5 (and teachers) there is the ability to log on to a virtual Windows. This allows you to save filer to your user space and print like to do from your desktop. This solution is not useful for younger students because they will need to log on with their username and password.

The best use of the netbooks for a literacy center is Schenk's links 4 Kids. It has all of our subscriptions plus hundreds of other links. I created a tiny url for the site which should be easy to remember.

One last note, for less than $3 you can buy a splitter which would allow you to hook two earphones up to the netbook. If you don't have earphones that might be something worth picking up too.