Saturday, September 29, 2012

Socrative, Math Facts, and Beyond

You have the iPads, now what?

One low tech idea is the Socrative iPad app from  Anne created a quiz with LMC related questions in which we introduced 2nd-5th graders to the iPad. While iPad has the Socrative app, as well as your smart phone, we never used it because the web app had all the functionality we needed. All the students needed to do was go to and put in the room #.

Anne set it up with the teacher pushing the questions. You select 3 question types; true / false, multiple choice, and short answer. The questions are then pushed to the students, they answer them, and the answers are displayed on the teacher site via a projector. Overall, the students were real receptive to Socrative as a learning / assessment tool. I imagine it will only be a short time until you are asked to bring the iPad to staff meetings.

This week several 4/5 teachers were doing fact fluency with students. Gingher asked is there any way to utilize a technology like Socrative to administer the math fluency interview.  The short answer is yes, but with some limitations. You can create a Socrative quiz with the first question asking for the student's name.  Another option is using the  game mode in which up to 10 players are randomly assigned a color, and again the first question is the student's name. When students have finished the quiz, you receive a Excel file with name, color, and student answer.

 So to answer Chris' question can we use Socrative to administer a math fluency interview, yes. But, if you should is a different question entirely.