Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Teacher iPad Update

I updated the iPad page on the Tech in Guide. The update is mainly increasing the checkout span up to two weeks. What that means is just like the recent iPad sign up form, you can check out an iPad for two weeks. Some may begin their checkout that Monday so it would be due the Friday of the following week.   Not everyone will check out of that Monday which is fine, but the due date will still be the same.

An example. I sent out a form on the 17th for teachers to checkout an iPad.  Using the new checkout system all iPads will be due September 24th. One teacher may have checked it out on the 17th and another on the 22nd, the due date for both will still be the 24th.

On the Tech In page I mention that we will soon be getting 27 charger cords that you can receive with your checkout. This will enable you to charge your device as needed throughout the two week checkout. For those who have checked out an iPad this week, I am fine beginning the new system with the current checkout. All currently checked out iPads will be due between noon and 2:15 on September 24th.  I will have a blue bin to put your iPads in.

This two week checkout will give us needed time to sync or add apps as needed. There are particular apps like Google Drive and Chrome that need to be kept up to date. I encourage you to visit the iTunes store but you will not be able to download apps.  The next sign up form will ask if there are apps you want to try and I will add those for you as part of the checkout process.  For the time being this is the best system we have. We really don't want teachers downloading apps on the personal apple ID because they could be lost when the iPad is synced, and no district purchases should ever occur on a personal account because the ownership of the app resides with the teacher and not MMSD.

If there are issues where you feel it is necessary to checkout the same iPad discuss this with me. I am planning on making a spreadsheet linking teacher with iPad # for those situations where keeping the same device is important.  I do want to emphasize it should always be assumed the iPad is a shared device.  You may use it for taking notes or capturing a video of a lesson in the morning, and have a student on an app in the afternoon.  We all have a responsibility to make sure confidential information is not compromised.