Friday, October 19, 2012

Our iPad Journey

I do want to keep you updated about where we are headed with Schenk's iPad policies. We are in the process of moving to an extended checkout system which would be similar to the net-books teachers are currently using for centers.  This means there could be a scenario of more teachers wanting an iPad than iPads being available.

If you have not done so yet, please read MMSD policies regarding use of technology in schools. The big one from my perspective is protecting confidential information. I have updated the Tech In Campus Guide with our new policy.

I do want to share something that happened yesterday. I received a notice that an attempt to reset the iPad had occurred. A student had tried to download an app (not a best practice IMHO) and was unsuccessful so tried to reset the password.  Now lets say when you set up the iPad you decided to set up the mail app. Now this same student has access to not only reset the password, but also read confidential information.

Eventually you will be able to log on with your personal Apple ID for the purpose of adding free apps. Your Apple ID will also allow you to secure the iPad for student use which I strongly suggest. Here are my three recommendations.

  1. Do not use the mail program. I know this is tempting because of the way apps are set up to use it. Doing so puts confidential information at risk. As we saw in the previous example you could find yourself in a scenario where a student can change your password because they have access to your email.
  2.  Log in to add apps with your account. When you are done go to settings and log out of Apple Cloud and iTunes. Students should not be in a position of adding apps at will.
  3. Use Restrictions to customize your iPad. You will be able to create a 4 digit code to turn on restrictions. I suggest turning off App Store and iTunes and possibly other features like Face Time. You can easily turn them back on when you want access to them.
We are still in the process of moving all iPads over to a MMSD account connected to the cart. but are not there yet. As a result we will not be collecting the iPads this week. When we do all iPads will be reset so make sure any data you want saved. Google Drive is the best means for doing this.