Thursday, December 6, 2012

Apps on Classroom iPads

There have been recent updates on the classroom set of iPads.  This post is general overview of some of those apps.

Flash To Pass: A program for students to work on math facts. It offers a lot of customization such as problem type, number range, and amount of time to complete.  If you want students to gain fluency with basic facts this is a good place to start.

Doodle Buddy: Many students got to try this program out this week. It is a fun drawing program that Anne described nicely as a combination between Kid Pix and Kidspiration. Many of the icons come with sounds, often obnoxious.

PBS Kids: As the name implies this a PBS Kids app. The app is actually a videos only version of the desktop site. There are many videos to watch, but no other interaction.

Drawing Free:  A pretty basic drawing program that uses colored pencils and pictures.

Weird but True: An app version of the popular Weird but True books. It offers interesting facts in a visually appealing format, but not much interaction beyond that.

Super Duper Story Maker: Story Maker allow you to create a story and then tell the story. There is no way to save the story so you should allow enough time to do the activity in one setting. You can use stick figures  as well as other icons to create the story, and when you are finished you can temporarily save it to tell the story.  A student can use their own voice to tell their story.

Toontastic:  A little higher level, but a multiple step process in story creation using cartoon characters. Students would pick setting (scenes), cartoon characters, and story structure (conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution). Students have the ability to move cartoons around the scene while providing narration.

Feel free to try these out.