Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ebooks @ Schenk

Yesterday we had a little discussion in the library about eBooks. With Kindergarten / 1st grade we read a funny book called My Even Day. 2nd and 3rd grades read eBooks on the planets and Big Foot.

The big advantage of these eBooks is they can be read on all of Schenk's devices. Tou can read these books on the iPad, netbooks, or any desktop computer. You can read these eBooks at home or at school.

If you would like to read past posts about ebooks from The Library Shark you can find them here. The procedure for  accessing eBooks on all of the devices remain the same. This should simplify the process for everyone.

  • Search 'Schenk LMC" in address bar. First result is the LMC webpage.
  • Click Library Catalog on left sidebar.
  • Log in using Novell / Gmail log in B # and password.
  • Search "ebooks"
  • Find ebook and choose read and then open.
Overall students were very receptive to eBooks. Most gave them gave it a thumbs up of wanting to try it again.  This is the future, if we like or not. We are already seeing movements of publishers releasing a hardcover and then a eBook version rather than a soft cover.

The biggest advantage of the muli-use eBooks at Schenk is they can be used by multiple patrons simultaneously. For example you could have a non-fiction text displayed by the projector with students accessing the same text on their netbooks or iPads. Each student being logged on can add bookmarks, notes, and highlights.