Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Schenk Library "Portal"

It has been called by many names; a LibGuide or CampusGuide, but now it shall be called the Schenk Library Portal. Madison Metropolitan School District really wants this to be the central portal students access a variety of information irregardless of school location.

MMSD wants a particular school's portal to be a similar navigation experience as to a school a student may have come from previously. Who knows maybe we can get all MMSD's clocks in sync next.

Over the past few days I have been updating the Schenk Library Portal with a variety of content. Our portal entrance is http://madison.campusguides.com/schenklibrary. This portal will give students and staff access to updated information about the LMC.  I could be a useful start page for your favorite web browser. Here is a brief look at the content you will find on the portal.

Books: Everything related to books, eBooks, authors, and illustrators.

Research: Links 4 Kids, databases, and searching tools. A page was just added with safe search tools.

Subjects: This is where you will find MMSD subject guides organized by the Dewey Decimal System. Subject Guides are beginning to emerge and I will attempt to keep this page updated.

Teacher Tools:   The Common Core / RtI guide I created before the school year began.

Library Skills: This is where you find find resources on library and information literacy skills including MMSD's research model The Big 6.

Technology: The Tech-In guide for all things technology.