Monday, February 18, 2013

Mr. H's Classroom

If you didn't know Mr. H has a Google Site of classroom information.

Lately, as research season goes into full swing thoughts of color printing comes to find. Do we print all student's hard work on the colored printer or our there better digital only ways to approach presenting student work.

Awhile ago Grant had students publish their stories and wanted that content presented in a way so parents could access it. What he opted for instead of printing each document in color, with limited shelf life, was to scan their hard work and put it on his Google Site. Here is one example from the site.

We all want to see things in color, we do not live in Pleasantville.  As we consider publishing student's work, I think Grant's example one to consider.

As a side note I would not recommend using last names. If you are not comfortable with first names another option is to assign students a given number that is shared with student and parent/s.