Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Netbooks Tips

As the netbooks begin circulating here are a few tips that might make your life easier.

  1. At times you may find double click - on say Chrome - does not work. An easy solution is right click and selecting Execute from pop up menu.
  2. Most of the databases are on Links 4 Kids.  One way is searching "Schenk Links 4 Kids" on Google and clicking on first result.  This is often the best way if you are in Chrome already.
  3. The second way is selecting blue Destiny "Library Catalog" icon which will take you to a list of links. The first link you see is Links 4 Kids.  This page will eventually be phased out but works well for the time being.
  4.  As I have mentioned previously you will not be able to add bookmarks. To paraphrase the old Dillon song, "The answer my friend is in the cloud".  I, for example, have created an additional Gmail account that I use solely for syncing and using Chrome apps. After this account is created you simply set up Chrome sync.  You should now have bookmarks syncing in the cloud.  
  5. When in doubt restart. While there is an option to log off, resist the temptation. This will ask you for a password that even I do not have clearance for. If such a scenario occurs, select cancel and you should be good to go. If wifi is an issue, just restart.