Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Setting Chrome Quick Launch

One thing you may have noticed is double clicking on Chrome or another desktop link on the netbooks does not always work. There are two fixes for this; right clicking on the icon and selecting "execute" and the following which will create a quick launch in the task bar.

It is important to remember the net books will go back to the default image upon reboot.  The fix below will work until you reboot the netbook, but might be easier than have students right clicking. 

1. Find the Chrome icon on the desktop.

2. Right click Chrome (the first item says Execute which will launch Chrome)

3. Select the third item "Create Launcher on the panel".

4. You will see a quick launch right next to the date and time. It will launch easily with a single click.

5. You could use this for other icons on the desktop. Just remember this fix goes away upon reboot. But, if you leave it plugged in, reboots don't have to occur regularly.