Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toon Books and Literactive

As I was handing out the netbooks one teacher asked if they worked with Rigby Readers.  The answer to that is no, Rigby is limited to the desktops, and only as long as MMSD has a license. Rigby will work with the desktops but not online or with the iPads or netbooks. As the desktop becomes a less dominant interface for students we will need to seek out other services.

During LMC we spent some time on Toonbooks which complement our physical copies of the same titles. I have added a link directly to Toonbooks on Links 4 Kids so it is accessible from any netbook. You can search Google for "Schenk Links 4 Kids" or use this shortened link http://is.gd/scharks.

Another site that I have added to Links 4 Kids is Literactive. This site has some great content for early readers. Some time back I created a general account with username schenk and password schenk. This will allow you access to the whole site. One nice feature of Literactive is a contained environment for sequential, at your own pace, literacy activities. It is ideal for a literacy center activity.