Sunday, February 17, 2013

TrueFlix Week

This week 3rd graders will be introduced to TrueFlix. This is a great non-fiction resource that is not being utilized nearly enough at Schenk. Like many of our databases, TrueFlix is flash based so will work on desktops and netbooks, but not the iPads.

An aspect of Common Core is that students get access to more complicated and longer non-fiction texts. TrueFlix was created with this in mind. One major problem with giving students access to these texts is they might be to much a stretch for their reading level.   The wonderful thing about TrueFlix is the whole text can be read to you by a human sounding voice. This gives our students access irregardless of reading level to the type of content being pushed by Common Core.

All third grade classrooms now have access to netbooks, which with databases like TrueFlix, can serve as the great equalizer. I created a screencast on the Iroquois book highlighting all it unique functions. I hope you all give this resource a try.