Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Database Survey Summary

We had 11 respondents and the data is interesting. It looks like BrainPop Jr. is being used quite extensively in the classroom. At least 8 of the respondents stated they used it weekly or more. While the cost of Brain Pop Jr. is quite high, I recently evaluated it for MMSD and the direction they are leaning is Brain Pop Jr for all elementary and Brain Pop for all middle school. 

How often did you use BrainPop Jr.?

While not as high with weekly use I know from conversations with teachers this is a valued resource. I consider it the stable for any K-3 research. 

How often do you use Pebble Go

I ordered Tumble Books at the beginning of the school year because of its iPad support. A large amount of their content is available on the iPad in a movie like format. One could argue the video format takes something away from the reader experience. A student does not have an option to have a page re-read or control going to the next page in the book. At this time I am strongly leaning against Tumble Books for next year. 


How often do you use Tumble Books

I would guess Brain Pop Jr, Pebble Go, Tumble Books or Pebble Go, Brain Pop Jr, Tumble Books as an option would have done fairly well. 

How should the databases be prioritized

Pebble Go, Tumble Books, Brain Pop222%
Tumble Books, Pebble Go, Brain Pop00%
Brain Pop, Tumble Books, Pebble Go444%
My guess is Brain Pop Jr will be purchased district wide, and I am planning on purchasing all four Pebble Go modules at the school level. I am not planning on purchasing Tumble Books next year.

If you had to would you choose...

Brain Pop Jr.545%
Pebble Go and Tumble Books655%
Assuming MMSD purchases Brain Pop Jr. and I purchase Pebble Go we end up very concretely at this graph.  Any dollar we use for databases comes out of the fund we use for books. Looked like most of the respondents were dead center. Here is how I read that, if we find an additional high quality database for no more than $500 that would be a middle of the road (3) type of decision. More than $500 would be in the (2) range. 

An additional criteria I would place on such a purchase is that its works with all our devices. That means we can access the database on desktops, netbooks, and iPads. What this would look like is very similar to Brain Pop Jr in which the FREE app has all the functionality of the website.

Where should our spending be focused