Wednesday, March 6, 2013

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture makes Schenk's G-Pads even better. The photo and video features of the iPad are pretty great but you are left with the now what feeling. The easiest way to get any data off the iPad is to turn it into a G-Pad through Google Drive and Google +.

My go to answer to get data off the G-Pad is Google Drive. Even documents like Pages can be converted when you upload them to drive. Recently I was sending a form downtown and needed a photocopy. I pulled out the G-Pad, took a picture of two pages from the document, and then uploaded them to Google Drive.

Another solution that I use is Google +.  This works great for photos and videos. When you set up Google + you can have instant upload enabled. Any time new content - photos and videos - is added it will be instantly uploaded to Google +. One problem is since the iPad can not walk and chew gum at the same time, you have to be in Google + for the upload to take place. This can no doubt be a pain.

This is what is so great about YouTube Capture. You avoid the native iPad video capture and directly use the YouTube Capture app.  After the capture is completed it is automatically uploaded to your YouTube account. This is by far the easiest way to get video content from your iPad to YouTube.

So you ask, how do I create a YouTube account. You don't. All staff members currently have YouTube as part of their work account.   You simply log into YouTube with the same account information you use for your Gmail.

The next time you may want to record a lesson give YouTube Capture a try.