Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 Year Tech Plan

Most of the computers you see in the LMC were purchased about four years ago. This was our year to replace those desktops. In replacing those computers there were several things we needed to keep in mind; physical space, power capacity, and Ethernet drops. 

Desktops are large and take up a large amount of physical space. We also wanted a solution that would allow us to use the space we do have in a variety of ways. Related to this issue is almost all the power outlets and ethernet drops were in one specific location - between the two radiators. In addition, last year we found out that most of those outlets were all on one circuit. In short, we needed a mobile solution, that used low power devices, that could utilize our wifi network.   

What we opted for was a kiosk like setup of laptop pods that would be accessible yet not in the way. The first graphic here shows what the Windows 7 Laptops would look like in the LMC. The pod between the radiator would be plugged into a power outlet, but the other pod would be run on battery power.  We will have two additional laptops as backup for the battery powered pod or to be used at one of the tables. 

We currently have two under utilized iMac Pros that we received as part of the iPad carts. We plan on utilizing these next year and will purchase an additional iMac Pro and create an area for video editing and multimedia projects.  These iMac Pros will be part of the teacher computer area.