Monday, August 19, 2013

The Mother of All Screencasters

This summer I found the mother of all screencasters and it is one you would not expect.

I was taking a class again and they encouraged the use of a trial version of Adobe Captivate. The program seems "good enough" to have as the default screencasting app, but not good enough to purchase for lab use.

Leaving that rant aside, I usually use some in house solution such as Kazam or Vokuscreen - both for Linux. Adobe Captivate have some decent features such as screencasting a presentation which can be a pain to do manually. What I opted for was a Google Hangout with myself.    

Don't laugh, Google Hangouts is my new favorite screencasting app. It works with Linux, PC, and Mac and includes great screen sharing capabilities. You can have video directed at yourself, add costumes to your liking, and screen share to any tab or application on your computer.  

Since this is a Hangout which means its shared publicly, you may want to delete the automatic Google + post.  As part of the Hangout a YouTube video is automatically created. Want to know what it looks like.

This is a Google Hangout I recently did explaining eBooks @ Schenk.