Friday, August 30, 2013

You got an iPad, Now What?

I have gotten several questions about Apple ID related issues. I will try to tackle the big ones, but use your comrades. From the recent survey it looked like we have a strong "middle" of teachers who are comfortable / getting more comfortable with the iPads.

Q: I am being asked to update but I don't have the cart2@madison... password.
A: The first thing I do is delete everything the district puts on the iPad. I have found very little of it useful. If there is an app that you like my suggestion is deleting it and adding it with your account so you can keep it updated. MMSD has also paid a pretty penny for Apple word processing software but I would caution its use unless you have a plan beforehand to get your data off.

Q: How do get an app?
A: Go into settings and look for references to Apple ID and ITunes. Make sure you are logged out from any accounts. When you attempt to purchase an app in the App Store choose create an account. You will use your MMSD email but create a separate password as part of the sign up process. Make sure you are on your computer logged into your MMSD email. As part of this process you will get an email that you will need to respond to. When credit card information comes up, you should select the option for None.

Q: I already have a personal one can I use that.
A: Sure but remember you are not Elvis nor in Las Vegas. What happens on the iPad rarely stays on the iPad.