Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Yourself From Your Inbox Chains

Are we all at a 0 inbox yet. Probably not. Gmail came out with something a few months ago that could really help. The whole notion of user created filters and labels actually made the organization process more difficult. Google decided to take filters by the horns which is automated and drag and drop friendly.

If you are not using Gmail's new filter system; primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums, you should really give it a whirl. If you see just an inbox click the gear and select configure inbox.  I would check all the boxes. In many ways you could think of these filters as multiple inboxes.

By default Google works its magic with multiple algorithms at its disposal, and then you use drag and drop to fine tune it.  Once you pass a small learning curve this should make email management easier. It forces you to really think about which email needs to be acted on immediately, and which ones can wait.

Here is Gmail itself explaining the new organization.

If you feel like your inbox is totally out of control I am more than willing to help you on your journey to a 0 inbox. Think about it, coming into work and there are 0 emails in your inbox.