Friday, October 4, 2013

Microsoft Balks, Google Pulls Quick Office Card

A few months ago Microsoft released a Microsoft Office apps for the iPhone. After much anticipation, many users felt disappointment because it did not work on iPad and only offered viewing capacity.

About a year ago Google purchased Quick Office which offered off line editing of Word, Power Point, and Excel on the mobile platform. An iPad or Android user could open, edit, and save to device most Microsoft office formats. The program was quite expensive though usually around $15.

Recently Google released Quick Office for free, actually better than free, to all Android and iPad / iPhone users. Quick Office is integrated into Google Drive so one can continually go back and forth between Quick Office and Google Drive. Microsoft Office files can be opened locally on the iPad or tablet or saved to Google Drive itself.

I have found this works quite well on the district iPads. You could upload Microsoft Office files (without converting) to Google Drive and then open, edit, and save them with Quick office on your iPad. While one could edit a document in Google Drive, you did not have the ability to do so with a Presentation or Spreadsheet.

If you are looking for an easy way to edit Microsoft office files on an iPad, I'd give Quick Office a try.