Saturday, October 26, 2013

Research Libguide Page Updated

The Research Page - directed towards teachers - was recently updated. The screencast below shows you how to access that page and highlights pertinent information.

Thursday's PD pushed the meme of shift. We saw this in the discussion of testing where the new testing required students reading, clicking, and writing on a computer screen or other device. This contrasted with how much learning / instruction occurred in the classroom.

This is some thing to keep in mind as research season comes upon us. More of the testing will include in depth reading and writing on a computer screen. As Mr. Panek can attest to, the highlight of the new library was iPads, iPads, iPads.

What does this all mean. One thing it means is more of the research process we can do on iPads, netbooks, and computers the less of a contrast our instruction will have with the tests they are required to take.

If you are willing to take the red pill, I am happy to support you on the technology front. This could be as simple as taking one part of the research project and injecting some technology at it. Anything we can do to increase student reading or writing on a computer or other piece of technology, the more they will be prepared to make the shift to computerized tests.