Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Students Accessing Schenk's Ebooks

In the past few weeks 2nd grade (some) and 3rd grade students have spent time exploring the eBooks at Schenk. It is really simple to access the eBooks - and the third tab is eBooks. 

The students used the iPads to access the eBooks but netbooks, laptops, and desktops can also be used. 

When you are on the eBook page students can select Follett Shelf or Capstone Interactive. Follett Shelf are electronic versions of print books in which the student reads themselves. Capstone Interactive offers narration which students tend to prefer.  
Once you enter Follett Shelf you will need to enter log on information. This is simply the generic log on younger students use on the desktops or your Gmail / Novell log on. The benefit of your own user log on is limited annotation and highlighting.

To access the narrated Capstone Interactive ebooks from Follett Shelf simply click the Digital Resource links. These books highlight the text and have a narrated text.

While students certainly had a preference for this style of eBooks, the lack of narration with Follett Shelf could be beneficial during literacy time when you want a quiet learning environment.

I encourage teachers to try out the ebooks. As students get used to reading books in an electronic format they will be more comfortable when they see that format on assessments.