Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Animal eBooks

With research season in full force I recently added some Animal books to our Capstone collection. All of the books are non-fiction and narrated.

The most exciting aspect of these eBooks is they are multi-user, multi-device, and remote access. This means unlike a physical book or some electronic licenses more than one student can access the eBook at the same time. The eBooks can be accessed on iPads, tablets, smart phones, netbooks, laptops, or desktops. In addition to the LMC, computer lab, or classroom, students can also access the eBooks from home or other remote location.

So how do I access these eBooks you speak of. Hopefully a student or two will have the answer but if not go to scharks.info and click the eBooks tab. You are given two options for access Follett Shelf or Capstone. Follett Shelf includes all of Capstone plus other non-narrated (older students) Follett eBooks. Students will just need to log on for access (they should know how). If narrated eBooks is the desire the Capstone link is the best option for direct access.

So as you begin your animal research and want to fill in gaps from the print resources keep Schenk's ebooks in mind. Here is a video that highlights the resource.