Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Video Notes

Have you ever shown a group of students a YouTube video. I am sure you have. Have you ever wanted to take that video watching to the next level. Lets say you had a social studies or science video that you wanted students to watch at a deeper level.

This is where videonot.es comes in. In current school lingo we might say it allows students to do a "close reading" of a YouTube video. In short, it allows the student to view the video on the left side of the screen while taking notes on the right.

It gets better, not only can students take notes but those notes are automatically saved in Google Drive. You want more, the notes are time stamped to the specific point in the video the note was taken. The notes are synced to the video itself similar to a transcription.

While in the video we had some technical issues with an over zealous tour, I think this could be an essential tool in the classroom. In a Flipped Classroom or even homework situation a student could watch the video and take notes. I think its pretty cool.