Thursday, February 20, 2014

Friendship Claymation

Yesterday, we watched the Friendship Claymation +Leslie Walsh  put together for Schenk's Friendship Assembly. While Leslie spent considerable time in video editing software to make the professional looking video, I would like to focus on some of the technology used by the students for the innitial clamation creations.

A few months ago +Leslie Walsh described the project she was interested in doing. In our brief discussion I explained some of the constraints involved including that the iPads were multi-use devices.  This limitation meant that while the creation could temporary be on the iPads, we needed the videos to saved to the cloud before the cart was returned.

There were two programs that were used for this project; iMotion HD, and Google Drive. iMotion HD allows one to record indivdual frames that can be put together at various speeds to create a video animation. Using iMotion HD students would set up their claymation shoebox, capture a frame, move the claymation slightly, take another frame, etc.  Before the students began we talked about the number of frames needed - lots.

The other program that students needed to use was Google Drive. Since it was very important that after the session all iPads were logged out, I gave a mini lesson before we started. I demonstrated the multiple steps needed to log into Drive on the iPads, how to upload photos and videos, and how to log off when the project was completed.

I spent some time in the classroom as the project started documenting the learning - photos and videos. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of engagement students had in the project. Below is the video presented at our Friendship Assembly. Great job +Leslie Walsh and her class.

Friendship Claymation from The Library Shark on Vimeo.