Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turning Presentation Stations into a Smart Boards

Schenk opted for presentation stations over a few Smartboards in the building. There is some smartboard like technology that can be used the presentation carts. This post will highlight a few examples.

Everyday Mathematics has a nice web based math "smart board" that would work great on the presentation station. You can input various tools like open ended equations or a calculator with everything being worked up on the big screen. If you have not checked this "smart board" out it might be worth your time.

 AWW or A Web Whiteboard can be used with multiple devices including laptops and iPads. Mainly you choose pen width and color with results being displayed on the big screen for all to see. I would use this "white board" with the iPad because it is directed towards a touch interface.

  The last White Board tool I want to mention is Google Drive, in particular, Google Draw. Google Draw has multiple tools such as text, line drawing, or shape creation which could be used full screen on a presentation station. Draw or even Google Docs with a large font could allow you to bypass projecting a paper version entirely.