Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Bookmark on Netbooks

As you may be aware an issue with the netbooks is the lack of bookmarking functionality. This how to is an attempt to solve that problem.

An advantage to the netbook is it can boot up internet ready without the user needing to be logged on. This makes getting on the Internet fast, simple, and safe. The disadvantage to this is the lack of bookmarking ability. If you bookmark a site it will only be available for the current session.

A solution to this problem is the Virtual Windows shortcut with access to Word, Power Point, Internet Explorer etc.... Even though Virtual Office has a Fire Fox icon, you will need to use Internet Explorer for this solution. Virtual Office gives a you similar interaction as if you were logged into a district computer including saving and printing functions.

The bookmarks you create in Internet Explorer on the netbook will be available in Internet Explorer on desktop computers and vice versa. This assumes in both scenarios you are logged in with you B # and password. This is the log on screen on a Windows desk top computer, and the Virtual Office on the netboooks. Just remember to use Internet Explorer on both of them.

So lets say when your students used the netbook you wanted them to have access to Links 4 Kids. Here is what we do.

  • Log on to Virtual Office or a Desktop Computer using your username and password. 
  •  Open Internet Explorer from either the Netbook or Desktop
  •  Add a Favorite -
  •  Repeat and Rinse
Why is this useful? Lets say you began a research project on Penguins using the netbooks. The Favorites you saved on the netbooks will be available to you on the desktops in the lab.