Sunday, January 29, 2012

Revised Netcart Policy

For some time now our general netcart policy has been the entire cart will be checked out. While that policy will pretty much remain intact we have continued to get requests for  the ability to checkout the netbooks in smaller units. What we came up with was the last 10 netbooks in the cart will be available for checkout for limited time periods.

So before I explain how it will work, I should clarify what it is NOT. This is NOT for you to checkout a netbook for a student who may need one for ongoing educational support. This is NOT for you to checkout several netbooks for ongoing instruction.

The netbooks will only be available for a 1/2 day checkouts which is how long a charge will last. They will be checked in and out as an individual unit like books currently are. The focus of the individual checkouts is the same as the cart as a whole, checking out netbooks for a short period of time for a specific lesson.  

Here are some examples for individual netbook checkout.

  • You are doing a reading lesson in which you want a small group of students to look up some information on the internet.
  • You have a math lesson on fact fluency for 3 of your students. You check out several netbooks to complement that lesson.
  • You have a student who has been working hard on some academic or behavioral goal and as a reward you checkout a netbook.   

I fully understand the desire and need to checkout a netbook for classroom use for longer time periods. My plan, as netbooks on carts are replaced, is to have them available for checkout in longer time increments.  I will also add when I-Pads show up that will alleviate some of this need.