Monday, November 12, 2012

What's Up with the Follett App

You may have noticed the Follett Reader app is not working correctly. Once you log on it just stays on busy instead of loading a particular eBook  The problem is not the Follett Reader per se, but the Safari browser.

There have been a couple of updates to the Destiny software that computers and devices use to access our library catalog. A big plus is for students and teachers it is the same log on as Novell and Gmail. You will use your B # with your chosen password. Remember this is a universal log on, changing it in one place - Gmail for example - will change it everywhere.

On to the solution. It does not matter if its on a netbook, desktop, or iPad the log on will be the same.

  •  Load up Chrome and go to
  •  Find Schenk and then the Catalog tab.
  • Log on using your B # and password.
  • Search for eBooks
  • Select book and click Read Online
Since you are logged you will be able to make highlights, take notes, and create bookmarks. This data is saved with your account not on the book itself. If you look at the book all the notes will be there but not if a co-worker reads the book.

On the iPad you can go back and forth from picture to text only mode.  In text mode the text can increase and reflow to your personal taste. As you read the book you can easily jump back and forth. I find this a pretty cool feature.