Friday, August 2, 2013

Danica Patrick says Go Schenk

Well this is what she actually said,

Hi there, This is Danica Patrick, I'm calling to welcome you to go daddy team and let you know that you're in good hands. I personally know how important it is. I have a good crew and I can tell you that the Go Daddy Team is here to help. 

We will get the Go Daddy stuff in a minute.

One of the issues we have had as a school is an easy way to remember how to access Schenk's resources. Links 4 Kids, and the Schenk LMC page have been a particular struggle.

For a long time I have said go to Google, search for "Schenk LMC" or "Schenk Links 4 Kids" and 1st or 2nd result should be ours.    Last year I tried a few tiny url's as well as some QR Codes. But the two most common ways to access Schenk resources are;

  • Log into Gmail, click on Sites in black bar, and search for Schenk, click on Schenk LMC.
  • Go to, MMSD Libraries, Schenk, Links 4 Kids.
At best, the typical way a teacher or student would access a Schenk site would be 4 separate steps. This is way to many steps for resources we want you to access on a daily basis from a multitude of devices. If we are doing an activity on Links 4 Kids on the iPads or netbooks we don't want them to go through four separate steps. Likewise, it makes little sense for a teacher to go through four steps to view one of the Schenk Calendars or to check out the iPads.

This is where Danica Patrick came to the rescue. She is the official spokeswomen for Go Daddy which sells domains. Go Daddy had a special so I picked up several domains for Schenk use. My hope is these consistent, easy to remember domains will make access Schenk's resources easier.  One important  thing to remember are these domain are .info not .com or .org.  This was chosen because the Schenk resources we are trying to promote are information focused.

On to the domains.

  1. Links 4 Kids Links 4 Kids has migrated from Google Sites to the MMSD LibGuides. I have created a dedicated LibGuide just for Links 4 Kids. This should be easy enough for teacher and student to remember scharks dot info.
  2. Schenk LMC This is where you will go if you want info on the Schenk Library. This i s primarily a landing page for teachers and staff. You will have access to Schenk calendars and websites, as well as iPad Checkout. All you need to remember is schenklibrary dot info
  3. The Library Shark This is the Schenk LMC blog. It is heavily focused on the technology we use at Schenk. You will typically see a screencast or post about using specific technology or resources we have at Schenk.  thelibraryshark dot info is all you need to remember.
  4. Herbert Schenk Library Portal This is the main entry point into Schenk's MMSD LibGuide. All you need to remember is herbertschenk dot info

 My hope is these easy to remember domains will make accessing Schenk's resources easier.