Friday, February 7, 2014

Super Duper Story Maker

One of the apps we have on our student iPads is Super Duper Story Maker. This and other apps we have on the iPads are listed on the iPad LibGuide.

What does it allow you to do? Well you can pick stickers or icons from various categories such as place, people, animals, and things to construct your story.

Yesterday with a 1st grade class I used the keyboard function to have students write a sentence or two about their picture. The students looked closely at what they constructed and summarized it. The keyboard function can also be used as a title maker.

When a student has completed a page they select save and another
page emerges. When they have completed several pages they select save story.  After they complete their story they have an opportunity to "tell their story". The microphone is utilized and students narrate the story they completed.

While there is a strong tendency to solely use the iPad as a reward, the iPad can also become a great educational tool in the classroom. For example, Super Duper Story Maker could be an engaging way for students to create beginning, middle, end stories.

One word of caution though. When I went to the School of Education the meme was process not product. This app is definitely on the process end, and generally students are fine with that. Making some time for students to share their work can give it a sense of completion.

So the next time you check out the cart give Super Duper Story Maker a try.