Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Tech Toys Are In

Last Friday we got more tech toys, laptops to be specific. If you had an older setup with a netbook that should be replaced with a Windows 7 laptop shortly.

This will allow you simply to download and play on sites like Discovery Streaming. I still suggest you download prior to a lesson rather than attempting to stream outright. Another benefit is controlling the document camera from within the laptop with whiteboard like interaction.

So what will we do with all those netbooks from the carts. Our plan was to make them available for checkout for longer time periods. It is important to remember they are not laptops but web-based devices. If the content you want to use is on the web you should be good to go.

Checkout for these devices will be limited to one per teacher and be a semester in length. When you checkout the netbook you will also receive a two piece power cord in a bag.

If you need a starting place visit Links 4 Kids. https://sites.google.com/a/madison.k12.wi.us/friday-lab/links You can also get there from this shortened Google url http://goo.gl/Hoj8v

I am always interested in how you use the technology in the classroom. If there is a particular site or resource you use, feel free to share in the comments.