Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Name, New Icon, and New Video

4/5's are using it, and many 2/3's are too, and all teachers should be too. It has a new name, new icon, and video but its the same old library catalog with benefits.

Instead of Destiny, which is the name of the software company, we are now referring to it simply as the Library Catalog. You may notice some new icons on the Novell screen, so what do they mean?  The icon of student with book means its the school (Schenk) Library Catalog and the other icon of student on laptop means its the district wide library Catalog.

Recently a new video was created that explained the Library Catalog to teachers, families, and community members. If you have not used the Library Catalog the video will explain how to do so. It also explains how students and staff can log on to the Library Catalog. Logging on allows you to save lists, place holds, submit book reviews and offer recommendations to specific students.

If you are doing a unit on animals and need some books pulled, my assumption would be that you created a resource list and / or placed holds on those books through the Library Catalog.    In other words I will happily show you how to use the Library Catalog but I will not do the searching for you. 

If you have any questions on how to use the Library Catalog I will be more than willing to help, and if you have comments on how you have used the Library Catalog I would love to hear them.