Friday, February 3, 2012

Toon Books and Beyond

This past month Kindergarten - Third Grade has been focusing on wordless books and graphic novels. A group of books we focused on were Toon Books. Toon Books are graphic novels directed at emergent / struggling readers.

Here is an article on Building Reading Skills Through Comics, and another on Reading Comics Aloud to Children.

We have had these books in the library for the past year and I recently put in an order for more. Students have found them highly engaging, and I would highly recommend them for literacy instruction.  The most exciting part is all the books are available free on the ToonBooks website.

Now that Schenk has a school wide solution for the projectors, I would highly recommend trying out the website during your literacy time. The books come in three levels, and multiple languages. Clicking on the talking bubbles will have the character read the text to you. It would also work having students read selected bubbles as you read the book as a class.

Lastly, the Cartoon Maker, is a great way to model writing in a graphic novel format. The Graphic Novel is much becoming a major genre that has its own logic and style.

So, give it a whirl. The next time you pull that projector out, turn on the netbook or laptop and surf over to Toon Books.