Saturday, October 27, 2012

Links 4 Kids Update

Anne and I have been cleaning up the links on Links 4 Kids. Many of the curricular themed links were old so we updated them and they are now accessed by hoovering over the Links 4 Kids tab. The Reach Class tab will have the most current links.

As for Links 4 Kids its focus will be highlighting the state, district, and school databases that are available to students.   The databases for teachers are highlighted in the Schenk and Tech-In Campus Guides. All the resources in the right column are from Badger Net which I highly suggest looking through.

As far as quickly accessing Links 4 Kids you can search Schenk Links 4 Kids  and the first entry is our site or use this tiny url

Lastly, if you have used Britannica School Edition you may be pleasantly surprised. It actually searches not only the encyclopedia but most of the databases available through Badger Net. For example, it also searches journal articles, websites, and videos.

With the emphasis on research in Common Core the days of online content supplementing your print content are over. Online content will be higher quality, more accessible, and relevant, than outdated print resources. Our print resources purpose will be to fill in the gaps from research that is done primarily online.