Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Another Mondo Monday

As some of you are aware Schenk, as well as all other schools in MMSD, have Library Portals. The address for Schenk's is http://madison.campusguides.com/schenklibrary.

One of the advantages of such a portal are guides directed at Schenk staff for particular themes or curricular programs. One of the guides I created this past summer was Teacher Tools. It began as a guide focused on Common Core / RtI but has expanded to Teacher Tools more generally. Recently, I have added Culturally Relevant Books to the @Schenk page (RtI Focus).

I spent some time examining the PD Hub and while there was some valuable content its organization was not what I'd call user friendly. I thought what might be useful is creating a Mondo Libguide focused on some of the feedback from the PD. It really does not have any different content than the PD Hub, but just displayed in a more accessible manner.

The general anatomy of the guide is videos on the left column are Mondo setup and interview, and videos in the center column are particular lessons on Mondo components. The right column are links to resources from both MMSD and Mondo itself.

Lastly, while currently there is not a lot of content out there about Mondo, this video does a nice overview.