Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Multiple Accounts and Chrome Syncing

One great feature in Chrome is multiple users. They came up with this fot Chrome OS in mind in which multiple users might be using one device.  Another use is creating separate accounts for personal and work gmail addresses.  For example, it can keep your work and home gmail accounts totally separate.

When I say separate  I do mean separate.  Separate history, bookmarks, themes, and apps. They are literally different instances of Chrome. Here is a short video on how to set it up.


The next thing you can do is set up syncing. This is not currently working with your district Gmail account which not only limits your ability to sync but add Chrome apps.  What you need to do first is create a separate Gmail account. This account will used for syncing your district account.

In addition to search history, themes, and apps one important thing syncing will do is give you access to work bookmarks no matter the device. Here is a video showing you how to set it up after you have created an alternate account.