Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finding Ebooks at Schenk

Library Journal recently released a study of all school libraries in the United States. They interview school librarians on a yearly basis to gauge the state of ebooks.

Can anyone guess what the second most common interface for accessing ebooks last year was? No, it was not the Kindle or Nook, that is so 2012. The most common interface was school computers including desktops, laptops, and netbooks. The third most common interface was tablets - Android and iPad.

The second most popular interface for eBooks in schools were smartboards and projectors.  This was part of a general shift from fiction to non-fiction and dedicated devices (kindle) to multiple devices through a web based interface. In the 2012 Library Journal report a rallying call of school librarians was compatibility across devices and unlimited access.

Both Follett Shelf and Capstone Interactive have a web-based interface which will allow access on all of our devices; iPad, netbook, laptop, and desktop. All of our Follett Shelf and Capstone eBooks have unlimited access which means more than one user can access an ebook at one time.

Here is a short screencast showing you how to access ebooks from a variety of locations.