Monday, March 4, 2013

&site=xxx and LibGuides

Some time back I had an issue with resource lists. The Destiny public lists looked clunky so instead wanted to create a LibGuide for some public lists. In particular some lists on Culturally Relevant Books at Schenk. The problem I ran into was, if I or the user was not previously logged on, the user was sent to the log on screen of the main Destiny page.

I brought this issue up to Andrea and Vicky and Vicky came back with a solution. At the end of each resource list insert &site=xxx with xxx being your school code. This worked perfectly. Now it does not matter if a user is logged in or not when they click the link for the public list they go directly there.

This weekend I was working on something related but a little different. I was adding books by ISBN and wanted the link to go directly to the respective page on Destiny. I encountered the same issue it seemed to work great if I was logged in, but sent me to the main Destiny page if I wasn't.

It turns out &site=xxx solves that problem as well. So now when a user clicks on a cover on the eBook page they go directly to the corresponding page in Schenk's Destiny  Library Catalog. A respective user can select Read It, log on if needed, and then access the eBook.